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Rachel Bilson, Sarah (Rachel Sarah Bilson) - a popular American actress was born in 1981 on 25 August. It happened in Los Angeles. Her mother, Janice Stengo, worked as a sexologist, and his father Danny Bilson has successfully combined the posts director, producer and screenwriter. 

The parents of Sarah's father, were also associated with show business. The girl's father was a Jew by birth, and his mother was of Italian descent.Rachel Bilson when was little, her parents divorced. Then the father married Heather Medway, which at that time worked as an actress. Through this alliance, Rachel Bilson introduced two sisters Rosemary and Hattie.

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When the girl was fourteen, she and his friends got into a serious car accident in which two cars collided head-in. Rachel Bilson As a result, barely managed to save, and it was several days in a coma. In memory of the accident over the right eye of actress left a scar. Now, because of the obtained during a disaster trauma she suffers from migraines and memory loss. 
rachel bilson style
Rachel Bilson After school went to college under the name of Grossmont, which was located near the city of San Diego, but a year later, obey her father, she dropped out and start an acting career. Started Bilson with commercials. And in 2003, could make his debut on television. At that time, she starred in the TV series for teens, and in 2006, she got to the big screen when played in the film, titled "Last Kiss". However, Rachel Bilson Celebrity achieved only when played the role of Summer Roberts on the show for young people "Lonely Hearts." 

Later, she met three years, with Adam Brody, who at that time worked as an actor. However, in December 2006, the couple broke up. During the filming of the movie "Jumper," "Jumper," Bilson acquainted with the talented actor Hayden Christensen. And at the end of 2008, she married him. Rachel Bilson is now continuing his acting career, and enjoys basketball and is careful fashion and figure.
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