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Biography Nikki Reed - American actress and screenwriter, who plays Rosalie Hale in the film based on the vampire saga "Twilight." She became known after the release of the film "Thirteen," which she also wrote the script. Since then, Reed has appeared in several films, including "Lords of Dogtown" and "Mini's First Time". Ranyaya life Nikki's father, Seth Reed - architect by training, became an art director.
Her parents divorced when she was a very young age and Nikki stayed with his mother, Cheryl Houston. The actress describes herself as a child as a "bookworm" and "shy child." But on reaching the age of 12, she became rebellious and emotionally volatile. Strained relationship with his mother because of experiments with Nikki sex, drugs and disorderly conduct. Hardvig Catherine, while the art director, dreams of becoming a film director and screenwriter for several years with his father met Nikki, and maintained her relationship, even after as they parted. In early 2002 they began work on the script.
Nikki, who was then 13, described the events of the stormy last year of her life. In the beginning was meant light comedy, but as a result of all resulted in "Thirteen." Nikki and Katherine wrote the script for 6 days winter vacation. The movie - part autobiography. It shows a rebellious period in the life Nikki, when she became the girl from a woman, faced with the problems of sex, drugs and difficulties in relationships with parents. Nikki is a prototype of the protagonist Tracy (Evan Rachel played by Wood), and she starred in Evie, cool, but dangerous best friend Tracy. Initially, Nikki was an assistant director on casting, helping other girls to audition, and was not interested in the work before the camera .
But the producers were unable to find the right actress for the role of Evie, and asked about Nikki, which she reluctantly agreed. Contrary to rumors, she never wanted to play Tracy. She did not want to be an actress. Upon completion of Nikki went back to school, but began to yearn for the set. So she decided to switch to home schooling as the best option, but ... "Not really came of it. A child who lives by himself, should go to school and teach myself? That's it. So I passed the exams and finished ground level, and then went back to school and received a diploma on the complete education.
" Nikki is versatile, she wants to play, writing scripts and directing as well. In addition to the series "The OC", work in which she liked her reliability ("I can not live at home every day to go to the shooting, but to sleep in his bed. I think everyone would like to have a life with a certain constancy and consistency.")
Nikki prefers independent films. She can not stand insincere Hollywood whirl of parties, and prefers the integrity of indie films and independent view of things. Among the many advantages of Nikki as easy carelessness and thoughtfulness. She always wants to convey to adolescents that their idols, stars and celebrities have their own team of hairdressers, makeup artists and stylists to look good. And if a team is unable to make them beautiful for the glossy cover, then just Photoshop always helps. Nikki warns those young people who compare themselves to these stars. Also, Nikki is not your page on MySpace.
She personally confirmed that all the accounts on its behalf, which is on the site - fake [citation needed] Personal life of 19 years Nikki met with Russian actor Pasha Priluchnym. On her left wrist even have a tattoo with the name of ex-boyfriend! Did you know that - She has an older brother - Nathan August Reed (born Nathan August Reed), born in 1986, and the youngest - Joey. - She wears glasses and contact lenses. - Very fond of animals. She has a dog and a horse. - Studied at the Hamilton High School Academy of Music and Salifornia & Palms Middle School in Los Angeles, California. - Nikki Reed co-starred in the video Santana ft. Tyler's song "Just Feel Better". - Kristen Stewart - best friend. Filmography 2009: New Moon / Twilight Saga: New Moon, The ... Rosalie Hale in 2009 privilege of the rich girls / Privileged ... Lauren Carrington 2009 Letter of luck / Chain Letter ... Jessie Campbell 2009 Last Day of Summer ... Stefanie 2009 K-11 / K-11 ... Mousey 2008 Twilight / Twilight ... Rosalie Hale Familiar Strangers 2008 / Familiar Strangers ... Allison 2007 Reaper / Reaper (TV series) 2007 The beauty trap / Cherry Crush ... Shay Bettencourt 2006 Justice (TV series) ... Molly Larusa 2006 Mini's first time / Mini's First Time ... Minerva 'Mini' Droggs 2005 Man of God ... Zane Berg 2005 American weapons / American Gun ... Tally 2005 Lords of Dogtown / Lords of Dogtown ... Kathy Alva in 2004 Independent Spirit Awards Nomination Show, The (TV) 2003 - 2007 OS - OC / OC, The (TV) ... Sadie Campbell 2003 Thirteen / Thirteen ... Evie Zamora.
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