So last night I got super sick and had to have some saltines, which f'ed my day up. I wanted to have a clean start, so I am just going to start on the first of the month, so I'd better be better! :)

Paris Hilton=Amazingness

Soooo I am feeling super pumped about starting an ABC Diet, which I got the idea from one of my favorite blogs by Opera Ghost. I liked how they modified it a bit to fit them, and I did as well. I'll post the details about it tomorrow. For now I just wanted to put up some thinspo...Paris Hilton is the theme...I don't care what people say about her, I think she's great! :)

Before and After Pics

Just to let you know

Not that anyone reads this, but I am deleting all of the blogs I follow, and then tomo I am going to just follow the ones I really want to read. Can't keep up with all of them!! :)

More thinspo

Just binged. Blehhhh I hate that, but it was unavoidable. I have so much shit to do and I feel like I'm just constantly chipping away at a huge pile of tasks and I never make a difference. :(

Oh ANND the scale I have is a complete piece of shit, and is adding about 5 pounds a day. Which is impossible and untrue but still making me insane.