I've noticed most of my titles are animal noises

Which isn't surprising as I make them in real life too. When I drop things, when I'm driving, when I have to squeeze past people. I honestly don't even realize I'm doing it anymore.
Blehh so anyway I have been feeling super down lately. I just feel like I have no ambition to do anything and that everything in general is pointless.
Its kind of sick but I love being hungry when I get in fights with my sister and boyfriend. I feel like its fueling me to keep going with not ruining my day with food.

Another topic, one of my favorite blogs to read is over. :( It sucks that the author had a serious medical wake up call, and realized how silly this all is, but at the same time I feel like its the only goal I am really attached to. Which is weird I guess. I know it sounds stupid and cliche but I know that when I get back down to my GW everything will get better.

My boyfriends birthday is Friday, and we're having a party saturday. I'm not going to eat so that I won't feel so bad about drinking. I want to get shitfaced. :)