Priyanka Chopra made Kareena Kapoor wait

Priyanka Chopra  made Kareena  Kapoor wait

On Friday evening, Kareena Kapoor drove down all the way from Pune to Mumbai for shooting her televised act for an award ceremony. What should have ended in a few hours took them forever, thanks to Priyanka Chopra.
Bebo finished with her make-up and hair and arrived on the stage to see that it was already occupied by Priyanka Chopra. She had to wait for four hours before she could actually shoot her performance.
A source present at the awards revealed, “Kareena landed at Yash Raj Studios around midnight; she found that the stage was occupied by Priyanka. She waited patiently for sometime. On spotting her, PC came down from the stage and told her that she could not give the stage until 1 am (although Kareena was assigned the stage at 12 am).”
PC continued to rehearse till 4 am, by that time, the exhausted Kareena had left for home.
The next morning, Kareena asked her manager Zahid to cancel the shooting (with Salman for Bodyguard), which was scheduled on Saturday in Pune and then came back to the studio to finish her song.
Normally, the fiery Bebo would have flared up because she was kept waiting for more than four hours. Although, she was smarting with humiliation, she maintained her cool. Later, she gave a call to the organizers and gave her piece.
They explained it to her that because of some technical problems, Priyanka’s act took a longer time.
PC’s spokesperson said, “Priyanka was not aware that Bebo had to wait for hours. Not that I am aware of. Priyanka had a long act with many changes.”