iOS 5 Beta 7

Since the first birth of a beta version of the operating system Apple iOS 5 was about two months, and now users get is the seventh update for it. As promised by Apple, the new operating system faster and more efficiently, has numerous innovations, improved design and interface buttons, video quality and sound reproduction. The final release is completely reworked iOS 5 is postponed to autumn 2011 (late September - early October).

Powered iOS 5 Beta 7 for devices iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4, GSM & CDMA, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch third and fourth generation. To work with the operating system to authenticate your device from developers and testers who received a special identification number entered by the window at the loading screen.Before you install the beta version of Apple iOS 5, it should be remembered that this is not "gold master" the assembly, and for it to require mandatory registration UDID-based programmers iOS.

You can also read the latest jailbreak Sn0w breeze 2.8b7 from iH8S n0w, but not recommended to use them are not very experienced owners of devices Apple, or thoroughly read the installation instructions and act at your own risk. In the end, before the official release iOS5 left very little time.

Owners of iPhone 3Gs before flashing should listen to his "colleagues" who claim that the operating system starts to work, or much worse, or goes into a permanent recovery mode. Do not install the beta version, and users who wish to continue to use the mode DFU. Owners of iPhone 3Gs and iPod Touch 3 must be very carefully handle your OS, so no way to damage it. Otherwise have to constantly stay in DFU mode and restore directly from the device itself, using the tools update OTA. In addition, when installing iOS 5 Beta 7 will have to do to reset all settings. After this, you do not forget to update iTunes 10.5 to the test version 7, and hope for success.

It is also worth recalling that the update can be installed in the literal sense of "air", with the help of technology, Over-the-Air. It can be done through a section of the Basic menu -> Software Update. The size of the patch is 137 MB. 

However, the new version, code-build number 9a5313e there are lots of advantages and pleasant "chips".Practically removed bugs related with built-in browser Safari, watching videos through YouTube.According to the enthusiastic users, Apple iOS 5 Beta 7 is now working much better than iOS 4.3.5. This is reflected both in performance and aesthetics for the software. In iOS 5, new images of icons, located at the top of the touch screen. Except for the beta version is now available for download for developers software package, called Xcode 4.2 Developer Preview 7 and iTunes 10.5 beta 7.