why is she famous Natalya Kudrina

Natalya Kudrina

Natalya Kudrina
Natalya Kudrina replaced Natali Artemova as vocalist for the D-Bronx & Natali project in 1996.
2004 : she released some solo singles : Ty and Bez Tebya (meaning Without You - a video clip was shot for this song). She announced that her first solo album, that she had began to write as she was still a member of Di Bronx & Natali, was almost ready for release. She style would be pop, she was not willing to keep on singing dance, since it was not her favourite style.

2005 : Natalya released a single with Street Masters entitled Ya Odna (I'm Alone).
She released the single Vse proydet (Everything has gone away), a cover of old Russian song by singer & actor Michail Boyarsky. She is now known under the stage name Venera. he is how she describes her new style : "This is not RnB, pop or rock - it is a completely new style, for which a title was not invented yet".
2007 : she released her studio album Venera.
2009 : she joined Svetlana Loboda in her campaign agains violence to women. She took part to the preselections of Eurovision Dance Contest 2009 with dancer Pavel Grebenkin.