Today will be a new day/Emily Browning

I am finally starting to feel like I'm not just writing to myself! haha...Yay :) I am so excited because my mom gave me her blender, so the breakfast plan is green bell peppers and to make myself a diet coke slushie :) yummm. I did well last night because I felt so horrible for messing up yesterday, so I only had a small salad for dinner to keep up appearances. The funny thing is though, if I don't eat anything at all, my boyfriend gets on my case about working out harder, and not starving myself to make up for the lack of exercise. I know I should but I just HATE working out. BLehhhhh. I know its because I'm out of the routine. For the last three years I lived a block from a park, so I could run and walk everyday and it was awesome, but its just so cold and now I live in an apartment complex! :/ Excuses, Excuses....
Just another thing I've been thinking--I really want to get the complete box set of Gilmore Girls, but its so expensive! Also, I read someone else posted something funny and true about that show--HOW are they constantly eating crap and still amazingly thin? Stupid lying tv!! haha

Stay Strong hunnie bunnies!! :)