Trendy Hairstyles 2011

Oddly, but among the fashion trends in hairstyles , stylists prefer asymmetry, layering (the same trend in fashion jewelry 2011/12) negligence. And of course, as always at the peak of popularity are long thick hair, as a standard of femininity. But, with regard to hair colour , then in vogue soft and natural colors, natural colors. For example, for blondes are preferable to linen, light wheat bread and brown shades. Brunettes can continue to lure men to their saturated colour of hair, you can also try shades of hot chocolate or a brilliant bluish black. But about the flashy, bright and aggressive colours can forget, now it is absolutely not a trend, and indeed these colours look defiant and not feminine. Fashion Hairstyles 2011-2012 on the side of the 70's, so to speak retro hairstyles. Be unique, be a muse, experiment: asymmetry or wavy locks, slanting bangs or big curls, long braids or cascading locks - all now in the trend. Be beautiful!