Leather case for the iPad 2

Once again, the designers and developers have tried to create iLuv cover for iPad tablet and did not disappoint the growing audience of admirers. Buyers production unit from Apple is well known for the brand under the name of which produced the most stunning accessories for iPad, iPod, iPhone. The latest sensational inventions included: Docking station iMM190 App Station, which turned the smartphone from Apple's All-acoustic device, and musical cover MusicPac iPad Speaker Case, equipped with powerful speakers and volume control.
Another novelty was the leather case iLuv iCK826, combining stylish design, practicality and functionality. Like its metal "colleague" Aluminium Keyboard Buddy Case, Case has a hardware keyboard, which makes it much easier typing and working with it. The user can send email, enjoy spending time in the network, create and edit notes with even greater convenience, thanks to plug-in keyboard.
Successfully competes with manufacturers of plug-bluetooth-keyboard, built-in covers for the iPad 2, the cooperation of firms and ZAGGfolio Logitech (eg model Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG for iPad 2).
Despite the huge variety of models of bluetooth-keyboards, is quite problematic pick up that option, that will suit you. But this time the iLuv iCK826 is a happy exception, successfully combining all the advantages. Keypad buttons are pleasant to the touch, are made ​​from high quality plastic and have the same mechanism of action, which is used in laptops. This provides the required response time, reliability and durability. A total of 81 key keyboard housed.
Stand has an additional area for the wrists, made with all the requirements of ergonomics. The surface of the accessory is made of leather, which makes him not only a beautiful view, but also provides resistance to external damage.The keypad can be removed from the case and, if necessary, replace the other. Keeps it with Velcro and can be removed without problems. Battery lets you work with the tablet about thirty days at no additional charge, which is a significant parameter in the selection of accessories.
In the active use of the device can run for 5 days. used to charge USB-port that allows you to eat from a computer or power adapter. Case has all the necessary cutouts for connectors devices that can be attached to the Tablet PC. ILuv iCK826 also has two positions: horizontal, print, and diagonal for viewing images and video files. For the tablet can be easily connected camera, for which there is a special place in the bag.
On the official websites of implementing iLuv iCK826, cover can be purchased for $ 130. However, due to transportation, dispatch and customs clearance through the border, the cost of enhancement increases and a half to two times.