How to make hair long

How to make hair long? - Volpros, stirring all the women. When a woman decides to change the image, most often it starts with just the hair. Haircut is clear, but what if you need to make your hair long? Of course, you can simply wait until they grow up, and enjoy luxurious length of your hair, but suddenly, by this time become fashionable to create short hair? That's where - that we come to the aid of professional stylists and hairdressers. They are not for royalty-free, of course fee will increase you hair. The only problem that may occur, it is picking up hair colour, make it look harmonious, and of course the presence of a sufficient amount of money. When picked up the colour, then try to find it very similar to your hair, and then they were stained.

Make long hair will help build

Make long hair will help you in any beauty salon. Today's methods, thanks to science, can increase hair on his head totally hairless. There are several methods of hair extensions, they are divided into hot and cold. Hot methods are divided in turn into English and Italian. English way. In this method, about the roots of your hair causing droplets of keratin resin, and then use special tongs for clamping hair. But usually, so building up the hair on his head, because the space capacity can be significant. Just as for all the coloring, perms, and other irons should only trust a professional who understands the hair extensions.

The Italian way. In this method, your hair, fasten hair is already prepared, which marked the keratin resin, which warms with a special gun. The Italian way is remarkable that after it you can do with all the hair extensions are absolutely the same thing as with their families. A place of fastening the hair can be found only if very straight. This is the easiest way to make hair long.

Make long hair can help another way. We consider it separately.

Similar to these methods, only that the hair attached to their native artificial curls. A cool way is because it uses a glue that is attached, not heated, but simply dried out. It is in this way is almost impossible to consider the place of glue. But there are some limitations, since this glue dries, it becomes lighter, it is desirable to use only blondes, as there are restrictions on hair length, native hair must be at least 8-10 cm this way to make hair longer popular.

The next way to make hair long as well belongs to the category of cold. Curls in her hair fixed with special metal capsules. Color clip chosen identical hair color, and therefore binding site remains obscure. With this method can also be done with her hair all you want: to use the bathroom, use curling irons, cheat, and even swim in the pool. Just the hair can be attached to almost pure mind, so long as the home of hair should only be 5 mm. This method can be extended even bangs, plus this way to make hair long considered the safest for the hair, because hair is not subjected to heat treatment.