black friday

working in retail sucks.  But today especially.  I had to go into work at 6 am and the parking lot was already completely full! wtf! Where do these crazy people come from?  So far I have been doing really well this week with food, but not so well with exercising.  I love running, but I live in the city and well, running in the city is pointless for me.  I hate that there is no where to run where I'm not almost hit by a car everytime, and that I hate to run at night because its too dangerous and most of all I hate working out in front of hundreds of people.  :(  Buttttt the silver lining of this cloud is that even though I have been working way more than I usually do(so that I can afford tuition), because I'm a full time student my mom can put me on her gym membership for cheap! :) yay yay yay! Working out in a gym is so much better!  Plus, I arranged my schedule, so that I will have an extra two hours before school which will be my non-negotiable gym time everyday! :)  I can't stop happy facing! hahaha..but really I'm super excited for all of this.  
Alsoooooo I am taking a nutrition class, which is a prereq for a lot of the other classes I have to take, but I am just so worried that we will have to say how much we weigh. :( sad face now haha.  I am excited for all the meal planning and stuff, but not when it comes to actually saying what I'm eating.  I feel like I'm going to be doing my real food log and my one for school.