last day of work ::meep::!

Soooo the last day of work. I thought I would be more relieved or something, but really I feel quite indifferent. hopefully no one is going to make any sweets or anything like that. I don't think they will, because I feel like they don't really like me enough to, but I also tend to feel like that even when its not true, so your guess is as good as mine.
My mom finally got my gym membership approved on her plan so I'm actually excited for starting my new exercise routine in the mornings before school. I like going to the gym at 6 in the morning because its not crowded, but at the same time, its always full of the hardcore girls who are doing elliptical at the speed of light. Both a inspiration and makes me self-concious. But I am going to look just as good soon! :)

Here's hoping for a positive day for me and all of you!!! :) xox