I seriously am defective or something. I have so much schoolwork to do and I haven't been working on it at all. I hate living here. I want to move so bad to somewhere I won't have to constantly be near other people and where no one has snide things to say about what I eat. Last night when I made myself dinner there was probably like ten comments of 'is that seeeriously all your going to eat?' with disgusted looks. Sorry I don't want to eat hamburger helper, or growagiantass helper, as I call it. I would never eat Hamburger helper anyway...its disgusting and sweaty.
The biggest problem though, is that there is seriously no space, my room is the size of a shoebox and more than that, I have NOWHEREEE to study there.

I seriously need to stop being so bad with my schoolwork. I usually get A's and now I'm getting C+'s. WTF. STOP BEING A BUM!