Bikini beauty from Pakistan: Mariyah Moten

Bikini beauty from Pakistan: Mariyah Moten
Here is a bikini clad Miss Pakistan - finally from our western neighbor too. I remember Paki Prez Mushy had said sometime back about the lack of conservative values - which he suggested that Pakistanis revel in... well... this is fairly conservative. hmm.. and I have not even brought up the various MMS' that line the internet these days from Pakistan.. I wonder how with the ISLAMIC republic deal with this beauty?
Btw, she is a Houstonian.. and like they say.. "Everything is BIG in Texas".. from fruits to hearts!! ;-) So, Mariyah.. congrats!
The Houston girl has "created a frenzy by participating in an international bikini contest and even landed a prize - even if not exactly for skin", the newspaper said.
Mariyah represented Pakistan at the pageant. She received a trophy, plus cash in the 'Best in Media' section for being "the most photographed and interviewed girl in the entire pageant".
Since the pageant, Mariyah has created a splash on television channels like Zee News as well as Khaleej Times, China Daily, Hangzhou Newspaper and various other newspapers in China and elsewhere.
Born and brought up in Karachi, Mariyah moved to the US with her family eight years ago, the newspaper said, quoting a report on the popular website
"It's the first time that Pakistan is participating in the bikini pageant, as we're an Islamic country," Moten was quoted as excitedly telling China Daily.
"Now, there's less reproach in Pakistan on women's participation in such beauty contests," she said. "All my family supports me and I'm excited to have the chance to participate in the event."
She is studying hotel management at the University of Houston, Texas, where she did her high schooling.
Mariyah was among 47 other participants who paraded at the Great Hall of The People. The candidates, all aged between 18 and 25, paraded before the cameras representing their countries. India did not participate.
Mariyah was crowned Queen Pearl and received $5,000 in prize money. The second and third place earned the title Miss Pearl and received $3,000 and $2,000 respectively, according to the pageant's organising committee.
Mariyah Moten, a 22-year-old US-based Pakistani, is being billed as "Pakistan's first Miss Bikini" after she topped the 'Best in Media' category at the Miss Bikini Universe pageant in China last week.
Having won the title at Beihai resort in southern China, wowing crowds there and alarming conservatives in Pakistan, Moten is currently in Mumbai for a "special interview" assignment with a major Indian newspaper chain.
The News International newspaper reported with the comment: "A few Pakistani women in the past have ventured to compete in beauty pageants but none has gone this far in terms of unsheltered territory."
However the authorities and government officials and spokesman in Pakistan have denied that she had the go ahead and represent Pakistan.
She was been born and raised in the Karachi City of Pakistan till the age of 14 and then moved to the United States. According the Culture minister of Pakistan she had brought shame to his country.
The minister had further added "We have asked our missions in Washington and Beijing to investigate this because it is against our policy, culture and religion".
Interestingly some of the Pakistani community in the USA had welcomed the idea even though there are no Miss Pakistan contests.