Miss World contest Alexandria Mills, 18, takes tiara

Miss World contest Alexandria Mills, 18, takes tiara
Alexandria Mills, 18, takes tiara as Norwegians claim Nobel Peace Prize award to Chinese dissident affected result
The Miss World contest was mired in controversy today amid claims that the hot favourite was frozen out because of a diplomatic feud.
American teenager Alexandria Mills was crowned the winner of the 60th anniversary beauty contest on Saturday.
But the 18-year-old Miss USA’s celebrations were tainted by claims that her biggest rival, Miss Norway, was cheated out of the title by the competition’s Chinese hosts.

With China as the host, Taiwan was unable to compete because Beijing does not recognise it as an independent country.
And on Saturday night, the Chinese audience gave Miss Japan the silent treatment, apparently protesting Japan’s claim to the Diaoyu Islands, a group of uninhabited rocks coveted for fishing and mineral rights.
The contest has had its fair share of controversies since its inception.