Over the past year I have been close to homeless, moving around four times so far, staying with friends and family, but still always paying my share of rent. Also, I am OCD about being clean and keeping things in proper places and whatnot. But for the past few months, my boyfriend and I have been sharing an apartment with my sister until the lease is up, and let me just tell you-its no picnic. She is so dirty and unconcerned about orderliness that I am constantly cleaning up her messes, but lately too exhausted for even that, as I work full time. I am at my wits end and its driving me crazy. She steals my clothes and hasn't done laundry in over a month, she eats all my groceries(when I am scrimping to save and buy only necessities) and whats worse is, she constantly belittles my job and acts like I never do anything. I work 9-10 hour shifts 4-5days a week in a medical profession. My boyfriend gets mad that we have to live in this shitty situation and that she treats me like that. My mom gets mad that I complain and yell at her and ask her to clean up after herself. So basically I am living in a shithole and getting yelled at constantly while still having to take care of everyone I know and work fulltime. I am just so overwhelmed about the entire thing and I constantly just want to crumple into a ball and cry. I spend my days off looking for apartments and I really hope I get one that I just applied for. Here's to hoping.
oh and ps. I have been so stressed out that I havent been watching what I eat and not working out so on top of all of this I am this huge fucking cow that will be too fat for the summer. great.