Will iPhone 4S, but not the iPhone 5?

AT & T says: iPhone 4S

In the screenshot, made on site U.S. mobile operator AT & T, can be seen mention of the iPhone 4S white. In general, the picture shows the administrative system of the portal Sotovik. Among the models iPhone, among which shows the iPhone 3Gs 4 and there was a place of both colors mysterious iPhone 4s.

What could it be? It seems that the rumors about the name " iPhone 5 "entrenched, and then pops up a prefix" 4S ", which was popular a few months ago, when specialists portal Mac Rumors published insider information on what the new generation of" apple "phones will be known as the iPhone 4S - it stands as the iPhone 4 Speed ​​(English, fast.) We could see something similar when I came out iPhone 3GS - apparently he presented a replica model of 3G, but it was much faster, because it had more powerful "iron.

Later this turned into another version - Apple will release the two phones: iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. The first will be a super-powerful and stylish device with a larger screen and a camera to 8 megapixels, but the second - slightly improved version of the iPhone 4. At what, if iPhone 5 will cost the same $ 750 (unlocked version), the iPhone 4S - will cost device - the iPhone is the cheapest of which had long been dreaming of.

Soon all the more "umyalos" and the media blew the release of that same iPhone 5 with a big screen. Have you seen pictures from the factory Foxconn, which could see the front panels iPhone - they were much larger, and Home button was oval design. Today, information has emerged iPhone 4S - you do not get confused?