iPad 2 Complete Overview

When Apple introduced two IPad his camera, smart cover, a fast processor and other features that made ​​a big fuss. What caught my eye about two weeks I got IPad 2.This led to the question: "What Apple has added elements that made ​​with IPad 2 lighter and thinner?
Dimensions IPad 2 significantly decreased compared with the first IPad due to a reduction in the amount of four key components, touch screen, the thickness of the display part,design, and battery. The end result is that IPad 2 thirty-four percent thinner than the first IPad.
According to Kevin Keller of iSuppli IHS, the appearance of fine IPad 2 not only makes the first IPad-s cumbersome, but other pills seem like a giant compared to IPad 2 .

Thin Battery, about 15 percent more efficient in terms of energy consumption compared to previous one. Apple has managed to make the battery more thin and at the same time has no effect on energy saving and ipad 2 runs clockwise 9.10 per charge.
Apple is set to IPad 2 touchscreen with an improved thin layer of glass. Glass on IPad 2 is more flexible and durable than the first screen IPadApple IPad two smaller, faster and more versatile than the first generation of IPAD.