World most luxurious and expensive hotel: Santorini Grace

World most luxurious and expensive hotel Santorini Grace
At the top of one rock of volcanic origin in the island resorts that in Greece, was built a unique hotel Santorini Grace . It was erected at a height of 300 meters from the volcanic crater. Swimming pool on its territory have an incredible asymmetric. Which was inspired by the natural landscape of the mountains.
Discreet design  hotels Santorini Grace makes it possible to the original landscape is in the peel of attention guests. The draft principles have been applied the local architecture and organic forms of maximum simplicity.
For rooms that were carved into the rock, is characterized by dome-shaped ceilings and rounded wall. They very much on their appearance, they resemble a turtle. Tables, niche clothing and much more in the atmosphere have also been created in the rock. Rooms in the main carried out in white.
In order to ensure maximum privacy, the windows of rooms may be roofed with volcanic stones. You'll also be interesting to have a rest at the Gibson Hotel.
 Santorini Grace

Santorini Greece