iPad 3 will be released closer to the middle of 2012?

According to recent research from Mark Moskowitz of JP Morgan, Apple are working on prototypes of the iPad 3, but not in a hurry to produce the device, since other companies are still not able to provide really competitive tablets.

iPad 3 pics
Analyst Mark Moskowitz on Friday said in a report that talked with representatives of the insider-Apple and was informed that before 2012 the company will not provide third generation iPad. "In my opinion, Apple should be not in a hurry " - says Mark. - "Tablets of other companies are still not so perfect, and this trend will continue until 2012."

The report Moskowitz found a place yet one tablet, namely Playbook from RIM. In the 2nd quarter of 2012, which ended on August 27, a Canadian company could not get the most impressive gains, despite the fact that she managed to sell only 200.000 Play Books.

It is interesting about this is that insiders in a conversation with Mark noted that Apple had planned to present iPad 3 at the end of this year, but now decided to postpone the release of the 2012-th.

In addition, it was said that Apple has some difficulties with the Retina-panel displays for iPad 3. What are the technical difficulties encountered with the production of Retina-panel displays for the future of the tablet - is unknown, and indeed, whether it is a major challenge revised plans of how to run iPad - it is not clear.

Recall that the iPad was presented at a presentation in San Francisco by Steve Jobs on January 27th of 2010. Home sales began on April 3 of 2010. On March 2 of 2011 the public was presented the second generation model, iPad 2, with improved characteristics.