Don't give up what you want most for what you want for one moment

So its friday morning. Tonight my friends and I are going to a haunted house. Which I like, but I know when I'm in there I'm going to be freaking out. I fasted all day yesterday too, except for in the afternoon I was pretty close to passing out, so I ate half an apple. Then I couldn't get out of dinner with my mom and sister so I had a bowl of soup and half a biscuit. And last weekend I just know that my sister knew I was purging, so I couldn't do it last night. :/ Its probably for the best though, because I feel like I'm hitting a plateau. Its funny, I am so mad at myself for eating what actually was a very small meal, but I felt like I engulfed an entire supermarket. hah. Then, because I was worried I'm plateauing, I worked out for an extra 45 min and now my legs feel like jelly. But its nice.

I really like this quote: "Don't give up what you want most for what you want for one moment."

But I feel more like, "If people knew I am almost passing out because I eat under 300 cal a day, they would wonder, well why are you so fucking fat then?" ughhhhh. I've just got to keep on truckin I suppose.

Have a great day everybody...Thanks for all of your sweet comments, and for following!!! :)