Weekend recap

Hey guys. 
This weekend is going pretty well so far.  On friday my bf and I went to my friends house, but then some other people there started doing drugs so we left.  I was supposed to see where the wild things are originally, but we ended up walking around looking for a pizza shop because we didn't want to be around the drug stuff.  I was soooo good.  All of these pizzas were staring at me saying eat me, eat me...But I just had a Diet Coke :)  
Saturday I went out to buy fabric for my halloween costume.  I'm gonna be a princess, which..Idk. I have mixed feelings about.  Like maybe its too general? But I like princess stuff so I don't even care.  It will be nice.  Although, as you can probably tell from my thinspo, I am more like a tattooed pierced punk/metal/rockabilly kind of girl.  Still though, I like princesses and magical forests and stuff like that too! :)  So saturday night I ended up eating 2 motz. sticks and half a burger so I fucking HATED myself all night, but then I thought about my overall intake for the weekend, and really it could have been much worse.   But still....I seriously have no self control.  If I wanted to see the scale go down, then why would I eat a greasy disgusting fat pile?  ughhh. :(  Anywhoo..I saw Zombieland, which I thought might be like stupid humor, but was actually reallly reaaaallllly good.