So I've been bad...

about not posting, you guttermind! hah...I've also been bad with b/p stuff on terrible :( But at least I didn't gain from it. I am still super stuck at 196. ughhh. I can remember being stuck here before. Then at 184. I have been working out for like two hours a day and eating seriously nothing. fuck this ughhhhh. I want so badly to be down to at least 194 for halloween. I hate looking at those numbers, I am so ashamed. :(
I have had a loooong weekend as I dont have to go back to work until tomorrow, but my boss was being kind of creepy the last time I was there, telling me that he feels bad for cheating on his wife and I was just like...oh. Can I go now? I don't understand it, maybe because I am so fat they think of me in that way so it makes me confidable? I don't know. I hate working at that stupid store in general, retail sucks. I can't wait to start school again, so hopefully I can pull the money together in the next few weeks to sign up for new classes. urrghhh. I say that too much hahahaha

Hope you all are having lovely days! :)